4 Types of Personality According to Medical

  1. Choleric, is a type of personality that is leading, the characteristics of which are reliable, leader spirit, big willed, have a vision and mission, stubborn, ambitious
  2. Sanguine, is a type of personality that wants to be popular and liked by many people, its characteristics are very happy to socialize, especially with people, easy to get along with, cheerful, spontaneous, not vengeful but also easily influenced by other people, like to change or break promises
  3. Melancholy, is a type of thinker personality who prioritizes perfection, his characteristics are neat, organized, structured and scheduled, and meticulous in analyzing things, but this condition makes him often carried away by feelings so he tends to have negative thinking, suspicion, finds it difficult to accept criticism because he is easily hurt.
  4. Phlegmatic, is a type of personality that likes to be alone and loves peace, this type prefers to avoid debates and arguments, so it prefers to avoid meeting many people, this personality tends to be wise, kind, but also stubborn and prefers to be a spectator rather than being involved direct, and also his lack of ambition made him too resigned to his living conditions