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Definition, Elements and Character Formation

Definition of character Character is a set of traits that are always admired as signs of a person’s goodness, virtue, and moral maturity. Etymologically, the term character comes from the Latin character, which means character, character, psychological traits, character, personality and morals. Character Elements Psychologically and sociologically in humans there are things related to the […]

4 Types of Personality According to Medical

Choleric, is a type of personality that is leading, the characteristics of which are reliable, leader spirit, big willed, have a vision and mission, stubborn, ambitious Sanguine, is a type of personality that wants to be popular and liked by many people, its characteristics are very happy to socialize, especially with people, easy to get […]

Sharing Is Caring

Not everyone can be a generous person. Dermawan means someone who likes to give alms, someone who is generous and so on. This generosity is a commendable trait that certainly brings goodness not only in this world but also in the hereafter. Giving must be done because it is sincere. Ikhlas means expecting nothing but […]